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Quality and Safety Assurance is our goal for the industrial and civil communities with highest international standards. 


Improvement of systems integrities is provided with long past experience and qualified experts that have the most state of the Art technologies for the modern future. 

Company Profile

 AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES will coordinate with our stakeholders and work in partnership with them, to communicate our performance and earn their trust. 

Feedback on how we are meeting our commitments and responsibilities is welcome.

At AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES, we are required to collect and maintain current customer data for the purposes of conducting our business and the furtherance of public safety. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of our customer's information.


Engineering Sevices

AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES reviews elevating device design submissions to ensure compliance with the ASME and BS regulations and adopted safety codes and standards. Our engineering services include: design registration; variance review; component or design filing; and engineering consulting services.

Inspection Services

  AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES is a highly Qualified inspection Third Party Agency  of boilers, steam prime movers, compression systems, refrigeration systems Lifting Equipment for facilities constructions and related power plant equipment . Our Qualified Inspectors inspect operating plants to examine personnel and the plant equipment they manage, operate and maintain to ensure compliance with regulations, codes and safety standards.

ISO Consulting and Certification Services

AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES provides a wide range of consulting services and assists the clients in preparation for ISO certification like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and ISO 50001. 

AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES  can provide full, ongoing support to a wide variety of industrial facilities to manage their management systems.

Pipes, Boilers & Pressure Vessels


AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES Pipes, Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPV) Technical advise and Quality assurance for  all pressure-retaining components manufactured or used in GCC for oil and gas, petrochemical industries to ensure boilers, pressure vessels and piping systems conform to the international Technical Standards and Safety API , ASME  and applicable regulations, codes and standards. AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES is involved in all aspects of the life cycle of pressure vessels: from design, to manufacture, to installation, to operation and maintenance. AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES performs the required installation inspection for all boilers, pressure vessels and piping systems in Ontario. AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES also conducts periodic inspections on uninsured boilers and pressure vessels in Ontario. All insured boilers and pressure vessels are inspected by insurance companies licensed to underwrite boiler and machinery insurance. AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES is responsible for the certification of BPV inspectors employed by insurance companies. Boilers and pressure vessels include equipment that produces and distributes hot water, steam, compressed air, and other compressed liquids and gases used in commerce and industry.

Types of Inspections

 Initial or Periodic
AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES conducts initial and periodic inspections of plants for conformance to the Regulations and various Codes and Standards.

Non-Compliance of Regulations
Where any non-compliance of regulations are discovered, AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES orders appropriate corrective actions to be implemented, and in worst case scenarios, orders a device or plant to stop operating until compliance is met.

Incident Investigations
AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES investigates accidents relating to a failure of equipment that causes personal injury or loss of life, or loss of or damage to equipment or property. process.

Consulting Services
AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES  will conduct a preliminary review of plant designs to determine their registration requirements and conformance with regulations, codes and required safety standards.

Pre-Inspection Services
AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES  provide pre-inspection services of new equipment or plants in order to identify non-compliant safety issues before a mandated inspection or registration takes place.

Training, Certification & Examination

AHEAD INSPECTION SERVICES In collaboration with TUV AUSTRIA, will be able to provide accredited Training & Certification:

An earnest sense of safety and quality reaches far beyond the simple sensation of contentment. In business it takes knowledge, willpower and hands-on determination. TUV AUSTRIA ACADEMY offers you and your company practically oriented courses and seminars on safety, engineering, environment and quality. We cordially invite you to experience our rich educational program that will put you far ahead of your competition. 

 health institutions, manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, facilities from the food and tourism sectors, and also food producers and distributors can receive Accredited Training services. Secondly, in this area, personnel and system certification and the entire segment of training & further education are bundled, and both extend again into the aforementioned business areas. The unique selling point of the TUV AUSTRIA Academy isn't just that it covers all sectors; but that the trainers are TUV AUSTRIA experts and therefore have both excellent customer understanding and practical knowledge.

What we do?

Our Services

  • Fire and Safety Assessment
  • Functional Safety 
  • Engineering Design Review
  • RBI
  • ISO Consultancy
  • Management Systems 9001:2015
  • Environmental EMS 14001:2015
  • Health and Safety ( OHSAS)18001
  • Project Management
  • Technical Assessment
  • Technical Training and Certification 
  • Building and Construction Inspections and assessment
  • Procurement and Budgetary Estimation 

Certification Involved


  • IMS Integrated Management Systems ( 9001-2015, 14001, 18001 )
  • EnMS 50001
  • ISMS 27001
  • FSSC 22000

Where it's applied?

Services Application


Economic Cities.









Oil and Gas

Power and Energy


TUV AUSTRIA and NIIT ( National Industrial Institute for Training ) in Bahrain signed cooperation agreement to provide short terms professional training to Bahrain and GCC industrial and commercial communities 


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